Restorative Dentistry – Implants

With this patient, Dr. Curotto has used a permanent dental implant to correct an edentulous space (dentistry term for “gap because of missing tooth.”)




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The patient pictured above, left this rave review on Google Plus:

Attention all residents of Oakland, the Bay Area and all the nation. There’s the Michelangelo of dentistry among your midst. I’m loath to tell you of him, because appointments are few and far between, but am compelled to do so for philanthropic reasons.

I am willing to travel 3000 miles just to see him. I have had to have implants for undisclosed reasons and other dentist could not distinguish them from my real teeth. He’s a perfectionist and in this case; I can’t find him at fault. Not only is he the best dentist on the planet; he’s an artist. Moreover, he’s assembled a team of the finest endodontic personal (Dr. Kwon) and lab technicians (the crafter of his implants) that anyone could possibly ask for.

His skill is far and above any dentist I have encountered. For Example: He managed to rectify many mistakes made by the Dental Group in San Mateo. I can only recommend anyone blindly using that service go directly to Dr. Curotto ASAP. They may not be 24 hours; but you wont need emergency services with Dr. Curotto.

He’s simply the best. In conclusion, if you value your teeth and your smile, immediately make an appointment with Dr. Curotto.

– Eric H. 
October, 2013