Client Appreciation Letters:

Client Testimonial from 2016:

January 21, 2016
from Becky McDermith, PMP, CSM

I started seeing Dr. Curotto on the recommendation of my sister, after losing faith in a dentist I had been seeing for several years (the equipment in her office was virtually the same as what I’d seen in my family dentist’s office as a child, and she didn’t alert me to serious issues until one of my molars disintegrated, requiring a crown).

The first thing that I saw when walking into Dr. Curotto’s office was the number of certificates and awards for restorative and cosmetic dentistry that are hanging on the walls in his waiting area. They’re current. His certifications in the latest techniques and use of dental technology are noteworthy.

Upon seeing a new dentist, there’s always the fear that they’ll sit you down, say “open wide”, tsk- tsk you for not taking care of your teeth properly, and want to replace all of your fillings and/or teeth immediately, with $$ in their eyes. That’s not Dr. Curotto’s style. For this first consultation, rather than saying “open wide” and poking around with sharp things in my mouth, he sat me down in his office to discuss my history and objectives, and describe his practice and philosophy.

The certifications he holds are for mastering the use of the latest dental technology. After doing a standard exam (visual, gum depth, a little scraping), using a high-tech camera, he took pictures of my teeth from all angles and displayed the images on a large TV monitor. Even the prettiest of teeth aren’t so pretty close up, and mine aren’t so bad, but I almost had to look away. He pointed out where I likely needed work to be done; I still had fillings from my childhood, there were some cracks that would probably need attention, soft spots that were going to need to be filled, etc…but it was very clear to me that he wasn’t just looking at it from a revenue perspective (in fact, I may have detected a furrowed brow and a sigh from him at all of the work that he was going to have to do).

With the results of the exam (plus x-rays), he mapped out a plan to address what needed to be done, starting with the more urgent issues. There was no pressure to get it all done at once, and no timetable. It has always been “we’ll get to it when we need to get to it” before it creates any issues.

As for the latest technology, he’s up on it. Most crowns can be replaced in one visit, veneers in two visits, and he has the latest products to give you the best and most natural results for any cosmetic needs. If you’re not satisfied, he’ll do what it takes to make it right.

I’m not sure how his services compare in price to other dentists, but his friendly staff takes care of insurance processing to the best of YOUR advantage, plus it’s worth it.

I very highly recommend Dr. Curotto and will continue to see him for as long as he’s in business (which I hope is for a very long time).

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